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We are a unique team: A professional working actor, an experienced musical theater professor, and a certified college consultant.  As our careers grew and our own children became actors, musicians and creators, we found ourselves advising friends and family on how to get into a good college when you wanted to major in the creative arts. Our supportive advice seemed to resonate with more and more students and parents, as each acceptance has been a shared joy from doing work we love. We decided to go professional and share our talents and knowledge with even more families so they, too, can feel joy in this process and feel confident that they are engaged with caring, successful and smart advisors on the entire college application process.

Tango Dancers


With a combined eighteen National tours and Broadway shows, more than a decade teaching performing arts at the University level, a decade at the Executive Director/Director levels running professional theaters, as well as dozens of masterclasses around the country, our team has achieved professional success at the highest levels of the performing arts industry. As college coaches or consultants, they have helped guide young artists to acceptance in some of the finest Universities and conservatories. With our wide-ranging experience in academia and the real world, we’ve developed a process that helps young artists craft successful auditions and academic applications. Our goal is to maximize their talents and best prepare them for the challenging and competitive realm of performing arts college programs.


Our goals are your goals. For that reason, our team works from a place of complete collaboration. From audition material, to the common application, to essays, to choosing your outfit for prescreens; every decision is made as a team. The college audition process is not an exact science. Therefore, our team focuses on controlling the controllable -your preparedness. We tailor a calendar of goals for every client, keeping you on track for early submission dates with outside commitments and stress levels in mind.  To quote Samuel Taylor Coleridge, “He who is best prepared can best serve his moment of inspiration.”

Opera Singer
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