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We work WITH you:

  • College search

  • Applications

  • Essays

  • Auditions

  • Portfolios


We work WITH: 

  • Integrity

  • Accountability

  • Experience 


College Consulting for All Majors &

Theater, TV and Film


We advise students and parents on the college application process and lead your student to producing their best possible application after creating a personalized college list. Our experience allows us to focus on what is needed to explore, decide upon and produce excellence. We guide students with compassion throughout the process to create authentic and appropriate personal statements reflecting their values, experiences, and curiosity. By using our brainstorming methods, focused templates, and appropriate outlines, students create first drafts of personal statements and college specific questions as we edit together polished submissions.


We are a unique team: A professional working actor, an experienced musical theater professor, and a certified college consultant.  As our careers grew and our own children became actors, musicians and creators, we found ourselves advising friends and family on how to get into a good college when you wanted to major in the creative arts. Our supportive advice seemed to resonate with more and more students and parents, as each acceptance has been a shared joy from doing work we love. We decided to go professional and share our talents and knowledge with even more families so they, too, can feel joy in this process and feel confident that they are engaged with caring, successful and smart advisors on the entire college application process.


We help high school students applying to college with any major. We specialize in Bachelor’s Degrees for the Arts (BA), the Fine Arts (BFA), and Music (BM):

Acting, Cinema Arts, Cinematography, Dance, Design, Directing, Drama,  Dramaturgy, Lighting Design, Media Arts, Musical Theater, Performance Studies, Playwriting, Production, Screen Acting, Screenwriting, Set Design, Stage Management, Theatre History, Voice

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